Spring Photography: Ideas, Tips, Types, Settings, and Equipment

Woman portrait photography in spring
Spring portrait photo by leah hetteberg

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!”

Robin Williams, actor

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Spring is the perfect season for taking memorable family photos, with beautiful scenery and vibrant clothing options. But don’t let rainy weather deter you – use it to your advantage and get inspired with colorful umbrellas and unique perspectives. 

1. Family Photos

Happy Family Hugging Outdoors in spring
Family photos in spring photo by Elina Fairytale

The first thing in our spring picture ideas is family photos. Planning ahead is essential to take professional-quality family pictures during the spring, which presents one of the greatest opportunities for creating lasting memories.


  1. Beauty in Nature: Visit Scenic Natural Locations for Captivating Scenery: Explore parks, gardens, and fields of flowers to find examples of beautiful scenery.
  2. Dress to Impress: Wear Attractive and Colorful Clothing for Spring: Look good in spring by wearing pastel colors like pink and blue or bright colors like yellow and orange, which can be especially stunning.

2. Spring Rains

Spring Rains photography
The rainy weather in spring photo by Mike Maguire

The rainy weather in spring, especially April showers may pose a challenge for photography, but it doesn’t have to stop you from taking great shots. In fact, it is one of the best spring photography ideas. 

The unique lighting and scenery created by the rain can provide an opportunity for you to improve and showcase your photography skills.


  1. Lively and Rainy: Capture Compelling shots of the City in Spring: In the lively and rainy spring weather, take creative photos of the city’s streets, scenery, and vibrant individuals for compelling results.
  2. Fresh Perspectives: Venture Out into the Rain for Unique Photo Opportunities: Explore the unique qualities of a gray, rainy spring day for fresh perspectives and photo opportunities. Incorporate vibrant elements like colorful umbrellas or boldly-hued rain boots to add charm and character to your photos.

3. Picnic Photography

Spring picnic photography
Spring picnic photo by Reba Spike

When searching for locations to capture spring-themed picnic photography, which is among our spring photoshoot ideas, seek out areas with breathtaking scenery such as plains, lake shores, beaches, and preferably parks adorned with flowering trees.


  • Opt for a comfortable dress featuring a vibrant color that stands out in the picnic photography scene.
  • To take the perfect springtime picnic photo, incorporate a beautiful and colorful rug, a picnic basket, flowers, colorful snacks, and drinks into the scene.

4. Spring Festivals

Holi festival in Spanish Fork, UT
Holi festival photo by John Thomas
Spring Festivals photography
Traditional Persian New Year photo by RODNAE Productions

One of the interesting spring photography ideas is festivals. In springtime, seize the opportunity to capture photographs of religious ceremonies, parades, parties, and special festivals. With each culture having its unique ritual during this season, there are abundant opportunities for remarkable photography.


  • When photographing a parade, it is crucial to be mindful of the surrounding environment and not cause any disruption.
  • When capturing photographs of religious events or ethnic celebrations, it is essential to show respect.
  • It is crucial to keep in mind that the primary objective when photographing these types of ceremonies is to capture and convey their unique mood and spiritual essence.

5. Flowers and Blossoms  

Flowers and Blossoms of spring
Flowers in spring photo by Rodion Kutsaiev

During springtime, the most prominent feature is the blooming of flowers. 

One of the best spring photoshoot ideas is the blossoms and colorful flowers that provide an excellent backdrop for capturing stunning photographs.


  1. Capture Stunning Spring Flower Photos with Natural Sunlight: Shoot your spring flower photos under natural sunlight for a beautiful and authentic look.
  2. Use Color and Bokeh Effects to Enhance Visual Appeal: Add visual interest and appeal to your spring flower images by incorporating dynamic colors and bokeh effects.
  3. Take Close-Up Photos to Seize Delicate, Vibrant Petals: Get up close and personal with your spring flowers to take the intricate details of their delicate and vibrant petals.
  4. Place Flowers in the Foreground to Add Depth to Your Photos: Experiment with depth by placing flowers in the foreground of your shots to add depth and dimension to your shots.
photography of flowers pink in spring
Pink petaled flowers photo by Kat Smith
  1. Capture Stunning Spring Flower Portraits: Consider taking spring flower portraits, where a single flower is photographed with a blurred background, emphasizing the glamor of spring within the frame.
Capture Stunning Spring Flower Portraits
Spring Flower Portraits photo by Gru

6. Sunrise Photography

The sun rise over the valley of Viñales
Spring Sunrise photo by Yannes Kiefer

Make the most of a pleasant spring morning by capturing the sunrise through your camera lens. Take advantage of this opportunity and go for a walk with your camera. This is one of the greatest spring photography ideas.


  • Spring Sunrise Photography: Wake up before sunrise to catch the enchanting morning light. Take photographs of the first rays of sunlight streaming through the blossoming trees or the warm golden hour glow illuminating the lush green foliage.

7. Rainbow Photography 

beautiful rainbows spring photoshoot ideas
Spring Rainbow photo by sharonjoy17

Rainbows are one of the most beautiful spring photoshoot ideas. During the spring season, warm sunny days and occasional showers blend together, providing the perfect conditions for the emergence of rainbows – a stunning, albeit temporary, subject for spring photography.


  1. For capturing a beautiful and vibrant rainbow arch, it’s best to take photographs in the morning or afternoon when the sun is closer to the horizon.
  2. Consider selecting a location with a dark backdrop for the rainbow to enhance its prominence.

8. Seasonal Produce: Spring Fruits & Vegetables

Spring Products
Boats with Green Fruits photo by Jeffry Surianto

Capture the essence of the season by taking pictures of the spring fruits and vegetables, showcasing their distinct delights.


  • Fresh Market Photography: Explore nearby markets and take vibrant pictures of the freshly available spring fruits and vegetables.
  • Locally Specific Product Photography: Select a spring-specific product based on your locality and take plentiful creative photos to have a plethora of captivating subjects.

“In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.”

Mark Twain


1. Preparation and Planning

Prepare for spring weather by checking the forecast and wearing waterproof gear like boots and a raincoat, and bring a waterproof bag for your camera and an umbrella.

Planning ahead by researching locations using local knowledge and online resources is also essential for capturing great shots during this exciting season.

2. The Best Time

Spring offers ideal conditions for photography with mild weather and ample opportunity to capture vibrant blossoms. The best time to shoot is between mid-March to mid-May, particularly in April, for lush greenery and pleasant weather.

Schedule your photoshoots during the golden hour, one to two hours after sunrise or one to two hours before sunset, for optimal lighting and to avoid harsh shadows.

3. The Best Places


Beatiful spring flowery fields
Spring flowery fields photo by Pacheco

Spring flowery fields, bursting with vibrant colors, can serve as a great subject of your photography, or even as a striking backdrop for various spring-themed shots. Among the flower fields that are in full bloom during this season are sunflowers, poppies, and tulips.


Photogrphy of trees on Forest in spring
Trees on Forest in spring photo by zhang kaiyv

Forests provide a picturesque setting for catching the lush greenery and wildflowers that resemble scenes from fairy tales.

One particularly captivating subject is the misty morning views that can be found in these enchanting woodlands, making for stunning and captivating photographs.


Spring photography of waterfalls
Waterfalls in spring photo by stokes rx

Springtime is commonly associated with rainfall, presenting an excellent opportunity to capture the glamor of babbling brooks and rushing waterfalls.

Take a stroll through nature and photograph the stunning views of cascading waterfalls or venture down winding rivers and streams to take unique and captivating pictures of the water’s flow.

4. Long Exposure

Long exposure techniques from outside in spring
Long exposure techniques in spring photo by Bailiwick Studios

When shooting outdoors, employing long exposure techniques can produce stunning and intriguing photo effects, capturing the world in a way that often goes unnoticed. 

These captivating long-exposure photos have a unique appeal that stimulates the viewer’s imagination and can offer fresh perspectives on familiar subjects, making for a truly distinctive and memorable photography experience.

“Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.”

Lewis Grizzard

5. Shadows

Spring Rolling Hills in East Bay
Shadows photography in spring photo by Jay Huang

In spring, the days become longer, and there are more chances to play with shadows in your photography. Notice how the changing light creates unique shadows during this season of transformation. Look for the longest shadows in the early morning or at sunset, depending on where you are. This can help you take captivating and diverse spring photos.

6. The Right Angle

To achieve captivating spring photography, it’s worth exploring different angles and filling the frame with your subject. 

One effective technique is to get as close as possible to your subject, which can create a stunning bokeh effect in the background, emphasizing your focal point and adding depth and interest to your composition.

Photographing From the Ground

Yellow Tulip Flower Field in spring
Photographing from the ground in spring photo by Pixabay

If you sit on the ground and take pictures from a lower angle, your photos will have a distinct look. This technique of choosing a different camera angle, rather than just shooting at eye level, can make your photography stand out and be more artistic compared to others.

7. Details

Bunch of blurred green craspedia flowers
Details of flowers photo by Karolina Grabowska

In spring, you can discover the intricacies that make up our world. From pink flowers and green leaves to tree branches, there are countless details of various shapes, colors, and sizes to explore.

Textures and Patterns

Green leaves details in spring
Zooming in on textures photo by Manfred Huszar

With a bit of creativity and by zooming in on textures, you can take fantastic pictures that highlight intricate details. 

Search for spiral or cracked patterns in various subjects, from plants to the smooth grains on rocks. Textures and natural patterns make for an interesting and fascinating focus in your spring photoshoot.

“Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.”

Virgil Kraft


1. Portrait Photography

Woman portrait photography in spring
Spring portrait photo by leah hetteberg

With its vibrant bouquets, foreground flowers, charming details, and picturesque landscapes, spring offers the most splendid array of colors, making it an ideal season for taking stunning portrait photos.

Portrait Photography in spring with Blossoms
Portrait Photography with Blossom photo by Victoria Strelka_ph


  1. Blossoming Spring Photography: Capture alluring spring pictures by opting for a vibrant blossom-laden backdrop or shooting amidst various trees. Cherry blossoms, lilacs, dandelions, and poppies serve as excellent examples of subjects for portraits.
  2. Spring Fashion Photography: Wear a pretty and colorful dress, and a hat for the sun, and carry a basket with flowers. Take beautiful portraits at sunrise or sunset for stunning spring fashion photography.
Stylish young ethnic guy with flowers on background
Fashion photography in spring photo by Keith Lobo
  1. Freelensing Photography: Experiment with the freelensing technique, where you detach the lens from the camera to focus on specific areas in the frame, irrespective of their location. Try this technique for unique and creative spring photography.

2. Nature Photography

The blooming flowers in nature
Spring nature photo by Theophilos Papadopoulos

As spring arrives, a plethora of opportunities emerge for capturing the natural world through photography. 

The blooming flowers and emerging animals offer a distinct moment to photograph the essence of the season. Many photographers get inspired by the spring nature.


  1. Nature Photography: Capture the charm of spring by taking pictures of plants, trees, forests, animals, and tiny details. Experiment with angles and compositions for visually appealing pictures.
  2. Natural Light Photography: Utilize natural brightness in your spring nature photography. Adjust your camera settings to optimize the use of natural light for achieving beautiful images.

 3. Landscape Photography

Nature landscape photography
Nature landscape photo by shogun

As the days grow longer and due to warmer temperatures, the landscapes come to new life with vibrant colors, providing a multitude of breathtaking spring scenes to seize through photography.


  • Forest and Flower Photography: Take photos of the forest and flowers. Experiment with angles and compositions.
  • Stormy Waterfall Photography: Record the drama of waterfalls and cliffs during the stormy spring. Photograph during morning fog. Experiment with settings and compositions.

4. Wildlife Photography

Spring Wildlife Photography
Chipmunk in spring photo by JillWellington

Springtime brings a burst of life to the natural world, and what can be better than capturing wildlife at this time? 

With the warm weather and blossoms, animals venture out to enjoy the season’s splendor, making it an ideal time to grab your camera and photograph some amazing shots.


  • Spring Wildlife Photography: Capture the energy of spring by photographing animals. Experiment with angles and compositions.
  • Macro Photography: Zoom in and take intricate details of insects or flowers. Experiment with depth of field for stunning images.
  • Breeding Season Photography: Record unique behaviors of animals during the spring breeding season. Respect wildlife and maintain a safe distance.
Wildlife photography in spring
Photography of goat in spring photo by garten-gg

“Spring is when you feel like you’re in love even when you’re not.”


5. Macro Photography

Macro Photography in spring
Shallow Focus of Pink Flower photo by Pixabay

Spring is characterized by a plethora of alluring visual effects, including the blue sky, vibrant flowers, dew on plants, and various other phenomena. By using a macro lens, you can seize the elegance of these elements and captivate your audience.


  • Foliage and Flowers Composition: Position foliage and flowers in front of your lens for fantastic pictures.
  • Dewdrop Photography: Capture impressive images of dew drops on leaves and flowers.
  • Insect Photography: Take close-up photos of insects in their
Macro Photography
Close-up blue Butterfly photo by Pixabay

“Spring is a time to embrace the beauty of nature and all that it has to offer.”


6. Indoor Photography

Indoor Photography in spring
Bouquets of spring in room photo by Ioana Motoc

If venturing outdoors during spring is not possible, bring the essence of spring indoors through a few simple steps. With the right lighting and techniques, you can take glamorous photographs.


  • Create a Captivating Fruit Still Life Photo: Buy pears, apples, and cherries, arrange them with spring accessories, and photograph them.
  • Capture Stunning Floral Photos: Pair colorful bouquets and branches of cherry blossoms with vibrant vases, and pay attention to lighting, scene, and surface.

7. Drone Photography

Drone Photography of Blooming apple trees on plantation
Blooming apple trees on plantation photo by Tom Fisk

Using a drone can provide a unique perspective on spring, offering a bird’s eye view of the landscape. By taking to the air, you can catch stunning photographs from high above the trees and ground, elevating your photography level to new heights.


  • Perfect Precision: Position Your Drone for Precise Shots: To capture full beauty, position the drone directly above the subject.
  • Experiment with Angles for Unique Shots: Create unique perspectives and lighting by trying out different angles.
  • Aerial Beauty: Explore Flower Fields and Meadows: Take advantage of aerial perspective to record clear lines and rich colors of flower fields and meadows.

8. Street Photography

Street Photography in spring
Pink Bicycle Parked Beside a Cherry Blossom Tree photo by Taryn Elliott

Street photography can be a great option to represent the vibrant energy and beauty of spring. The arrival of spring brings people out of their homes to enjoy the warm weather, creating opportunities for street photography in bustling urban environments.


  • Embrace Spring in the City: Incorporate Blooming Flora into Street Photography: Take advantage of the lively urban environment during spring and capture the essence of the season.
  • Contrast is Key: Take Stunning Spring Shots of City Life: Embrace the contrast between vivid colors and urban backdrop to create stunning images.
  • Showcase the Energy of Spring: Pay Attention to Good Composition and Lighting: By using various lighting techniques and paying attention to composition, take breathtaking photos that showcase the energy and essence of the city during spring.

9. Still Life Photography

Still Life photography in spring
Symbolic still life photo by Sixteen Miles Out

Spring still-life photography is a beautiful way to capture stunning pictures using minimal equipment and suitable techniques while bringing the charm of the season into your photos.


  • Spring Still Life: Incorporate Flowers into Everyday Objects: Create enchanting images by incorporating flowers into objects like vases, cups, and jars using proper techniques.
  • Symbolic Still Life: Pair Spring Symbols with Everyday Items: Incorporate flowers and blossoms with paper, books, and accessories for magical photos without complex techniques.
  • Showcase Spring with Flat Lay: Use White Surfaces and Mirrors as Backdrops: Express the colorful beauty of flowers and fruits with stunning flat lay photography.

10. Minimalist Photography

Minimalist Photography in spring
Purple daisybush flower photo by Pixabay

Minimalist photography in spring focuses on creating simple yet beautiful images that draw the viewer’s attention to a single subject without any distractions.


  • Simple Yet Powerful: Focus on a Prominent Element to Capture Vast Fields: Create a sense of peacefulness and serenity by focusing on a solitary tree or a quaint cottage.
  • Minimalist Beauty: Monochrome Flowers Against Simple Background: Create beautiful subjects for minimalist spring photography with monochrome flowers in a simple scene.
  • Macro-Minimalism: Combine Macro and Minimalist Photography: Take unique shots by combining macro and minimalist photography, such as a dewdrop on a delicate leaf with a matching colored backdrop.

“Spring: A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.”



To capture the best landscapes and spring scenes, there are some setting tips you should keep in mind to elevate your work to their ultimate beauty.

  • Use a wide aperture to motion blur the background and create a sense of depth.
  • Consider using a long exposure to photograph movement or create a dreamy effect.
  • Use a reasonable exposure index of 200 or 400 or use AV mode to let the camera choose the appropriate exposure settings.
  • Adjust the shutter speed manually for more control over the exposure.
  • Activate your camera’s image stabilization mode to reduce blur caused by camera shake.
  • For sharper images, use a slower shutter speed and a tripod to keep the camera steady.

Photographers you should follow on Instagram

@Jo Stephen

He lives in rural North Dorset and works in ancient woodland conservation. His impressionistic and expressionistic photography conveys his love for nature and explores his sense of identity as a person of third culture. 

Through nature, he finds belonging and healing.

@Jane Dibnah 

Having discovered the work of Mandy Disher, she was inspired to try her hand at floral art. One could say that now she is slightly obsessed and finds herself continually looking for new flowers to photograph.

Spring photography equipment

Spring Flowers
Spring photography photo by Altered Reality
  • Camera: Any camera with manual mode works, but DSLRs offer flexibility.
  • Lenses: Standard zoom, macro, and telephoto lens provide different shots.
  • Tripod: Essential for sharp images and stability in low-light situations.
  • Remote Shutter Release: Reduces shaking in long exposures.
  • Filters: Polarizing filters reduce glare, and ND filters control light, and create effects.
  • Lens Cleaning Kit: Keep lenses clean with a microfiber cloth and cleaning solution.
  • Weather Protection: Camera rain cover, waterproof bag, or umbrella protects gear.
  • Comfortable Clothing and Shoes: Wear comfortable clothing and shoes for exploring.
  • Portable Light Source: Flashlight or headlamp helps in low-light conditions.

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