Autumn Photography: Ideas, Types, Tips, Settings, and Equipment

Photo By Bardia Azizi

Prepare yourself for an engaging article centered on Autumn photography!

“As long as autumn lasts, I shall not have hands, canvas and colors enough to paint the beautiful things I see.”

Vincent Van Gogh

It’s time to capture those unforgettable autumn moments and maybe even win our awesome Autumn Photography Competition.

There’s nothing better than snapping photos on a crisp autumn day, whether you’re strolling through colorful forests, exploring pumpkin patches, or just cozying up with loved ones and enjoying the warm, golden light.

Kiss in Rome, Photo By Bardia Azizi

We’ve put together a fantastic collection of ideas, types, and tips to spark your creativity, along with plenty of assignments for you to practice. Our goal is to help you unleash your inner artist and capture breathtaking images that truly embody the spirit of this enchanting season.

Shots in Autumn
Photography in Autumn photo by flutie8211

Whether you’re just starting out on your photography journey or an experienced photographer seeking new perspectives, this article is designed to spark your creativity and broaden your artistic horizons.

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Colorful Foliage

Colorful, Autumn, Leaves
Colorful Leaves photo by StockSnap

Without a doubt, photographing vibrant autumn leaves stands as one of the favorite subjects for photographers. 

The fall season transforms trees into a canvas of golden, yellow, orange, and red hues, offering a photographer the perfect chance to capture and exhibit the exquisite allure of nature.

Autumn photography
herastrau park, Bucharest, Romania in Autumn photo by Rula Sibai


  • Tame the Wind: Capture still scenes on calm days, adjusting the shutter speed to counter leaf movement.
  • Embrace Autumn’s Glow: Embrace natural light’s warmth as it filters through leaves and branches, highlighting autumn’s beauty.
  • Leaves and Backgrounds: Create captivating contrasts by blending colorful leaves with softly blurred backgrounds.


Reflections of trees
Autumn afternoon in Columbia, MD photo by Charles Jackson

“I hope I can be the autumn leaf, who looked at the sky and lived. And when it was time to leave, gracefully it knew life was a gift.”


The interplay of different shades in fall foliage and their reflections in water yields enchanting visual outcomes. Notably, the vibrant and dynamic hues of autumn exhibit remarkable reflections.

 The charm of fall foliage extends to water surfaces, particularly in the case of flowing water bodies such as rivers, where it generates a mesmerizing visual impact.

House on a lake
A house on a lake photo by Roxana Zerni


  • Capturing Reflective Landscapes: Frame landscapes so the upper half captures the scenery and the lower half reflects it, creating vividness in your compositions.
  • Enhancing Autumn’s Palette: Use a circular filter on sunny days to intensify color saturation and diminish unwanted glare, showcasing autumn’s vibrant hues.
  • Balanced Exposure: Employ a reducing filter on the upper half to allocate exposure and balance between landscape and reflection, yielding harmonious final images.

Foggy Mornings

Deer in road
Foggy Forest road in fall by ELG21

The enchantment of misty autumn weather can infuse the scene in your photos with magic. 

Mornings draped in mist conjure unusual and mysterious landscape scenes, presenting photographers with a prime opportunity. 

A warm dawn or early morning following a chilly night provides the perfect setting for taking the beauty of mist-laden scenes.

Foggy autumn
Foggy autumn morning at the Lake by Clickrbee


  • Foggy Vistas: Capture mist-covered landscapes from elevated viewpoints, featuring passes, distant hills, tree foliage, and fields for a distinctive ambiance.
  • Low-Light: Utilize tripods and high shutter speeds to excel in dim lighting, revealing the ethereal essence of autumn fog.
  • Fog’s Color Palette: Explore the captivating color interplay within the fog, harmonizing tonalities for evocative compositions.
  • Adapting to Fog’s Light: Skillfully adjust exposure in shifting fog light with histogram guidance; incorporate up to +1 stop for nuanced, balanced fog scenes.

Seasonal Harvests and Products

Cornucopia ,
Seasonal fruits photo by JillWellington

Autumn unfolds a canvas of vibrant fruits trees and vegetables, ripe for photography. Explore the beauty in autumn by capturing these bounties as your subjects, along with the art of food photography by documenting the harvest process. 

Embrace the creative glamour of macro photography by showing intricate details within fruit slices, offering a realm of exquisite and imaginative visuals.

Orchard of citrus tree
Branch of citrus tree in orchard by bearfotos


  • Autumn’s Light: Capture the warm glow of morning and evening light to enhance your photos.
  • Rustic Autumn Backgrounds: Arrange natural elements like leaves, wood, and candles for charming backdrops.
  • Fruitful Macro & Flat-Lay: Combine macro and flat-lay techniques for captivating images of autumn fruits.
  • Orchard Harvest Details: Focus on rich details while photographing the diverse bounty of autumn crops.

Festivals and Events

Festivals Autumn
The horseman festival photo by Brett Kiger

Autumn’s unique occasions, festivities, and rituals offer photographers a splendid chance to capture a plethora of appealing and interesting images and varied memories.

 Across the globe, diverse autumn festivals such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Beijing Autumn Festival unfold, each brimming with photo opportunities and beautiful and vibrant moments waiting to be preserved.

Illuminated paper lanterns
Red paper lanterns in Osaka, Japan by victor217


  • Prepare for Autumn Events: Strategically plan your photography by researching festival details, locations, and timings in advance.
  • Camera Ready for Action: Set your camera beforehand to avoid distractions during the event’s hustle and bustle.
  • Vibrant Festival Moments: Capture attendees, activities, culture, and art to reflect the event’s enthusiasm.
  • Dynamic Event Photography: Use high shutter speeds and fast focus to record lively moments during ceremonies.

Natural Frames

Natural Frames
Autumn frame with leaves and acorns by freepik

Leverage autumn elements to craft organic frames within your photography. 

Encircle your subject with these natural features, infusing depth and dimension into your images.


  •  Autumn Leaf Frames: Create eye-catching frames with colorful leaves around your subject.
  • Autumn Pathway Framing: Position your subject at the end of tree-covered pathways for natural tunnel-like frames.
  • Nature’s Framing Harmony: Harmonize your subject with natural frames using angles and composition techniques.

Textures and Details

colorful leaves
Autumn in the garden by Pedro

Elevate autumn photographs by using creative ways of capturing the enchanting textures of the season. 

Showcase your photography creativity through wonderful and distinct elements of autumn photography like colorful leaves, fruits, trees, and the vibrant field cover that define autumn’s beauty and uniqueness.

Close-up of green and yellow leaves photo by Olga Drach


  • Close-Up Autumn Textures: Use a macro lens for up-close shots, capturing intricate autumn textures.
  • Simplifying Backgrounds: Opt for simple backgrounds to highlight textures and patterns.
  • Exploring Angles: Experiment with different shooting angles for detailed perspectives.
  • Texture Focus: Master depth of field to emphasize textures against the background.

Cozy Scenes

Cozy Scenes
Person create a cozy Scenes by alex geerts

Taking photos of cozy autumn scenes with a soft glow, warm colors, and falling leaves adds a special beauty to your pictures. 

Using a nostalgic, vintage style in these photos can create a calm feeling and revoke memories for viewers.

coffee and leaves
Drink coffee and create cozy scenes by RoonzNL


  • Autumn’s Cozy Vibes: Use objects like books, cushions, coffee, newspapers, and candles to reflect the warmth and comfort of the environment.
  • Intimate Scenes: Photograph relaxed moments in cozy spots like cafes or inviting corners of your home.
  • Warm Low-Light Photography: Embrace low-light settings during autumn sunsets or nights to record alluring and snug moments.

“Autumn… the year’s last, loveliest smile.”-WILLIAM CULLEN BRYANT


Landscape Photography

Hut and Gazebo
Lake garden with shed photo by Matthew Pla

Frame the mesmerizing beauty of nature during this dreamy season by photographing autumn landscapes. 

The shifting colors of the leaves to red, orange, and gold create a stunning spectacle that is perfect for landscape photographers. 

Photographing autumn landscapes at sunset allows us to encapsulate the magnificence of fall colors during the season in its prime.

Beatiful waterfall
Majestic waterfall in Autumn by Wiroj Sidhisoradej


  • “Peak Color Moments: Capture vivid color changes that last briefly, typically a week or two.
  • Focal Length Magic: Experiment with longer focal lengths to craft captivating and striking compositions.
  • Layered Beauty: Merge appealing background and foreground elements to infuse depth and beauty into your images.
  • Autumn Atmosphere Hunt: Remember to photograph landscapes during foggy and rainy autumn weather, which adds authenticity and atmosphere to your photos.

Autumn Portrait Photography

Autumn leaves
Portrait in autumn leaves by Neal Kharawala

Autumn provides optimal conditions for portrait and landscape photography, with its magical charm captured through the lens.

The sun’s warm, golden light serves as a captivating backdrop, infusing portraits with a soft glow and a magical radiance. 

The vivid leaf colors further enrich the images, imparting depth and individuality.

Photo By Bardia Azizi
Autumn Portrait
Photography in autumn forest by prostooleh


  • Autumn Attire Harmony: Instruct your subject to wear natural colours that match or enhance the surroundings of leaves and trees.
  • Leafy Background Blur: Experiment with various apertures to achieve blurred backgrounds that emphasize leaf color and texture.
  • Maximize RAW Potential: Always shoot in RAW format for enhanced editing flexibility.
  • Natural Portraiture Essence: Encourage subjects to strike natural poses for the most authentic portrait photos.


Eurasian wolf in autumn by vladimircech

Embark on autumn wildlife photography to seize breathtaking images of animals amid the captivating hues of autumn colours and the changing season.

Autumn unveils distinct chances to capture animals as they brace for winter. 

Chilly misty mornings, sunrise and autumn colors, and the serene palette of fall intensify nature’s splendor, offering remarkable prospects for wildlife photography.


  • Engaging Eye Contact: Set your camera’s level to create the illusion of direct eye contact with the subject.
  • Subject Separation: Employ a wide aperture to isolate the subject from the background, emphasizing its presence.
  • Patient Observation: Practice patience by observing animals quietly to anticipate their movements for ideal shots.
  • Respectful Wildlife Photography: Adhere to ethical guidelines by maintaining a respectful distance from animals, and avoiding disruptions to their natural behaviors.

Minimal Photography

Minimalist autumn
Minimal-style autumn photo by flutie8211

Minimalist autumn photography often directs focus to everyday beauty, transforming it into extraordinary, inspiring images. 

Minimal-style autumn photos capture the season’s elegance and enchanting charm through simple visual elements, embracing its inherent beauty while maintaining simplicity.

Orange leaf with water and mountains background by Simon Berger


  • Simplicity and clarity:  Craft minimal compositions, employing empty spaces to direct attention to the central subject.
  • Autumn Singulars: Choose autumn symbols like colored leaves, pine nuts, pumpkins, or fruits as your primary focus.
  • Autumn Palette Backdrop: Incorporate complementary autumn colors like brown and orange into your background.
  • Symmetry & Central Focus: Maintain symmetry and position the main subject centrally in the frame to achieve a balanced composition.

Still-life Photography

Autumn still-life scenes photo by JillWellington

Capture autumn still-life scenes adorned with vibrant fall colors and textured elements like persimmons, red apples, hot drinks, and colorful fallen leaves. 

This presents a distinct chance to craft dramatic artworks, transforming commonplace items into captivating works of art.

still life colors
Beautiful still life by Esther Spektor


  • Golden Hour: Photograph during natural light, particularly during golden hours, enhancing autumn hues with the sun’s warm radiance.
  • Different Angles Exploration: Experiment with multiple angles to discover optimal scenes; explore flat-lay for seamless compositions.
  • Texture & Match: Incorporate complementary elements like blankets or fabrics alongside autumn items to enrich your frame.
  • Composition Harmony: Position subjects following the rule of thirds or symmetry lines within the frame, achieving an appealing composition.

Abstract Photography

Inspire nature
Autumn’s dynamic nature phoo by Y U

Through this photography style, you can capture the essence of autumn’s dynamic nature by showcasing its textures, shapes, and colors. 

With a touch of creativity and practical techniques, you can create enigmatic autumnal photos that mesmerize the viewer’s mind, add interest, and inspire reflection.

Abstract shots by reflect by fietzfotos


  • Reflective Abstractions: Capture dreamy abstract shots by using reflective surfaces such as water or window panes.
  • Vibrant Motion Unleashed: Convey the energy and dynamism of fall by deliberately shaking your camera while taking photos.
  • Colorful Angle Play: Utilize colors and lighting to accentuate subject angles, similar to painting techniques.
  • Fresh Perspective Exploration: Observe the environment from new angles, capturing meaningful images by engaging with autumn elements.

Street Photography

Photo By Bardia Azizi

This genre of photography captures the daily rhythms and evolving urban scenes during the autumn season.

Documenting people’s behaviors, and cultural interactions in the city, fall photography becomes engaging and appealing.

By incorporating the autumn backdrop, in fall photography, you can elevate your photography skills and also add depth and a layer of artistic challenge to your work.

Street Photography
Outdoor autum by ASphotofamily


  • Everyday Moments: Capture photos of intimate interactions and human behaviors like enjoying coffee or walking on dry leaves.
  • Urban-Autumn Contrasts: Use the contrast between city structures and autumn scenery. Seek spots where architecture harmonizes with the season’s nature.
  • Bordering Elements: Utilize sidewalks and tree-lined paths with colorful leaves along photo borders.
  • Street-Level Autumn: Photograph from a low angle to accentuate autumn leaves at street level.

Fashion Photography

Autumn fashion by OlcayErtem

Elevate your photography skills by blending human charisma with stunning autumn elements like golden leaves, warm sunlight, blue sky, and scenic backdrops in fashion photography during the fall season. 

Framing fashion within autumn’s grasp imparts a dreamy and romantic essence to your images, elevating your artistic expression.

Fashion portrait
Posing Autumn fashion portrait by haritanita


  • Autumn Accessories: Incorporate autumn-themed accessories like scarves, hats, gloves, and boots to enhance the seasonal mood in your photos.
  • Seasonal Setting: Select locations that represent autumn, such as leaf-strewn pathways or vibrant forests with colorful foliage.
  • Dynamic Interactions: Direct subjects to engage actively with leaves, walking, or playing to charge your photos with dynamic energy.
  • Background Balance: Ensure your subject stands out by adjusting the background to avoid distractions. Avoid busy backgrounds that divert attention from the showcased fashion.

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

L.M. Montgomery


Know Your Location 

Autumn Map
Map surrounded by autumn leaves photo by freepik

The best locations for autumn photography include vibrant parks, lush forests, tree-lined streets adorned with colorful leaves, majestic mountains, expansive slopes offering breathtaking, fall foliage and vistas, and serene lakes and reservoirs reflecting these landscapes.

The Best Time

Golden hour
Light through road between trees photo by jplenio1

For photographers, the optimal time to capture autumn’s beauty is the golden hour, right after the sun at sunrise and just before sunset on clear days. 

Keep in mind that the leaf color change period is brief, lasting around two weeks. To seize the essence of this transformation, it’s advisable not to postpone your fall photography plans.

Use a Polarizing Filter

Polarizing Filter in autumn by danymena88

A crucial tool for capturing vivid and colorful autumn shots is this kind of filter. This accessory empowers you to fine-tune photo sharpness and contrast while controlling reflections on glossy surfaces. 

Employing this filter alongside a slow shutter speed works wonders when photographing rivers and streams.

Colors and Contrasts

Autumn forest with river
Color contrasts in autumn by jannoon028

Autumn showcases striking color contrasts, like red leaves against green grass or orange and yellow leaves against a blue sky. 

Blending these contrasts in your fall photos often yields breathtaking outcomes.

 The interplay of warm leaf hues and the contrast between the cool, earthy tones of tree trunks and the sky dramatizes the subject of the image from the backdrop, enhancing the image’s impact.

White Balance

White Balance
Setting camera’s WB by emkanicepic

When capturing autumn scenes, don’t rely on the camera’s automatic white balance mode. This setting can neutralize colors. Use a warm white balance to accentuate the vibrant fall hues in your photos. 

Adjust the white balance to around 6000, but be careful to prevent unnatural coloration from overdoing it.

Change Your Perspective

Varied angles
Autumn scenery photo by photoangel

For unique autumn images, experimenting with varied angles is recommended. Photograph expansive landscape vistas using wide-angle shots to encompass the season’s beauty, or opt for close-ups to highlight intricate leaf structures. 

Photographing ground-level fall scenes provides captivating imagery of colorful leaves carpeting the earth.

Find The Right Composition

Right Composition
Accurate and well-balanced framing by Greyerbaby

Accurate and well-balanced framing greatly enhances autumn photography. Adhering to the rule of thirds, position your subject away from the center for increased dynamism. Utilize leading lines like pathways or rows of trees to guide the viewer’s gaze to the main subject well. Skillful incorporation of background and foreground elements adds depth and enriches the overall composition of the image.

Learn Post-processing

Editor photo by DCStudio

At times, the autumn images on your screen may differ from what you witnessed in the landscape. Learning photo editing becomes invaluable in such cases. Familiarizing yourself with adjusting saturation, vibrancy, contrast, texture, transparency, and fade during image editing ensures lifelike autumn colors in your photography. 

Hence, it’s wise to acquaint yourself with various photo editing apps beforehand.

“Autumn is the artist that uses nature’s own canvas to paint a masterpiece of color and texture.”



Autumn journey elements composition by freepik
  1. Pre-plan your autumn photo session. Investigate the shoot’s location, timing, subject, and required equipment. Compile a list of desired subjects to streamline your selection process.
  2. Create an equipment checklist for your autumn photography needs. Find a comprehensive equipment list at the end of this article for reference.
  3. Keep in mind that autumn weather can be fickle and chilly. Use warm and comfortable clothing during your shoots on overcast days.

Camera Settings

Closeup of vintage camera
Camera Settings by

Aperture: Use a wide aperture such as f2.8 to f8 to separate the subject from the background as clearly as possible.

shutter speed: For taking clear photos, the shutter speed is more suitable around 1.250 to 1.1000.

ISO: Use a low ISO, for example, 100 to 400, to have less noise.

White balance: Adjust the white balance to cloudy or daylight to make warm colors stand out more.

Focus mode: Use autofocus for still subjects and manual focus for close-ups.

Shooting mode: Always shoot your fall pictures in RAW format to preserve maximum detail when post-production.

“Autumn is a masterpiece of moments where nature’s palette creates a masterpiece of memories.”

Angela Schwindt

Fall Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram

Kyle Finn Dempsey: From early experiments to seasoned artistry, photography captured his heart. Every shot freezes emotion and narrative, from bustling streets to serene landscapes. With each click and photograph, He shares his unique vision, distilling life’s beauty into frames.

Chandler Scott Anderson: A new Englander, navigates life through his Nikon Z6 lens, unraveling captivating stories in every frame. His photography portrays the region’s essence with a keen eye for detail and emotion, weaving narratives that transcend time.

Brittany Eliza Kunkel: Based in NYC, she has a BFA in painting and photography and her work evolves into expansive canvases. Her true passion lies in weaving visual stories through her camera, blending a painter’s eye with light and color.

Autumn Photography Equipment List

Camera: A digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) or mirrorless camera with manual control gives you the flexibility to capture high-quality images.

lens: Carry a versatile lens such as a zoom lens for general photography. Additionally, consider a wide-angle lens for landscape shots and a telephoto lens for distant subjects.

Tripod: A sturdy tripod is useful for steadying your camera during long shots. Look for a light and compact tripod for easy portability.

Filter: (ND) filters can help control light and achieve long exposures. A polarizing filter can reduce reflections and enhance colors.

Memory Card: Carry several high-capacity memory cards to store your photos.

Camera Bag: Get a durable and comfortable camera bag that will hold all your gear and protect it from dust, moisture, and accidental bumps.

Cleaning Kit: Dust, fingerprints, and smudges can affect image quality, so stock up on a cleaning kit that includes a microfiber cloth, lens cleaning solution, and a blower brush.

Comfortable shoes and clothes: Considering that you will be walking for a long time and to deal with the cold weather, wear warm clothes and suitable shoes.

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